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Demedchuk-Demchuk, I.F. - Head of the department for restoration and conservation of NAMU, Honoured Worker of Culture of Ukraine, an artist-restorer 

Lastovkina, I.I. - senior lecturer of the restoration department at NAAAU, restorer of NMHU and Institute of Archaeology of NAU of Ukraine 

Minzhulin, A.I. - Professor, restorer of the highest category, head of the creative workshop of restoration of sculpture and decorative art pieces, researcher of NMHU 

Minzhulina, T.V. - Head of the department forf restoration of textile products of the National Scientific Restoration Centre, first category restorer  

Revenok, N.N. - Head of the Laboratory at the Department of Restoration of NAAAU,  senior lecturer in art history and expertise of NAMSCA, restorer of NMHU 

Sagaidak, M.M. - head of the workshop, restorer 

Titov, N.F. - Professor, Head of the department of technology and restoration of the art works  at NAAAU






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