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Reference sample base


Art-Lab has an access to the existing databases of IR and Raman spectra – Irug/Infrared and Raman Users Group/, Nicodom and Kremer pigment database (the spectra of the substances used in painting/, as well as to the common databases like Interpol database, Japanese Scientific Spectral Database for Organic Compounds, etc. 
BSNE Art-Lab has its own reference sample base of paints and pigments. The laboratory has bought and is constantly replenishing the samples of paints directly from the producers (the so-called “dyeings”). It also has its own spectra and has formed its own libraries.







Время работы


 понедельник-четверг - с 10.00 до 18.00

пятница - с 10.00 до 17.00

суббота, воскресенье - выходной 


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