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Our equipment

Our equipment

The key factor of the expertise is the availability of high-tech equipment – the research instruments of the latest generation.


The suppliers of our equipment are famous world producers: Vertex70 FTIR spectrometer of Bruker Optics, Germany (IR spectrometer with Fourier transform) enables to study the minimum quantity of the substance in a sample and identify organic (and sometimes inorganic) components such as binders in painting, the degree of its polymerization, i.e. aging, and organic dyes, varnishes, adhesives, etc. The instrument is equipped with a Harrick MVP-ProTM adaptor having an ATR element allowing the sample to be examined from both sides without any additional sample preparation (like grinding the sample and pressing it into tablets with KBr) that enables us to study the oil drying in one paint layer both on the surface of the paint layer and inside of it. Using OPUS 65 software the FTIR spectra can be recorded and processed in the wavelength range of 400-4500 cm-1 with an accuracy of measurement being 0.5 cm-1. The libraries of IR spectra-standards can be also used;

ElvaX-Art XFA spectrometer (for X-ray fluorescence analysis) of Elvatech Company, Ukraine, has been specially designed for non-destructive study of the art objects. The XFA method allows determining the semi-quantitative composition of inorganic elements in the object without sampling. The device is equipped with a miniature X-ray tube and a semiconductor X-ray detector. The size of the analysis area varies from 0,2 to 1,5 mm and is reproduced on an integrated TFT display with a tenfold increase. The sensor of the device can move along the studied object in three dimensions that allows investigating the composition of the pigments in any point of the picture (or of any other examined object) with high accuracy. The range of the investigated elements starts from sulfur (16) and ends with uranium (92) according to the Periodic Table. The device is equipped with powerful analytical software with user-friendly interface;

Micro IR20 Lambda Scientifica 720-1100 nm digital camera is intended for making IR reflectographic analysis giving the possibility to take a photo and display the underlying layers, drawings, inscriptions, traces of the deleted signatures, etc. to the computer screen;

Blacking Blue UV irradiator with dual fluorescent tube produced by Sylvania Company, Germany, which is UV-radio transparent in the wavelength 315-400 nm (maximum at 352-368 nm). The irradiator is equipped with a special reflector which helps to minimize the UV-light dispersion. The device is used for the overall assessment of the degree of condition of paintings, study of the fluorescence of pigments, dyes, varnishes and for revealing the availability of restoration interventions, etc. Also, a specially designed miniature powerful UV lamp with a reflector and a wireless UV LED irradiator are used.

Traditional micro-chemical methods of analysis (histochemistry of dyes, etc.)

Microscopic analysis (optical and digital). A power-adjustable LED light source has been developed for an optical microscope.






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