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Schedule for reception of clients in BSTE Art Lab is carried out by previous appointment to ensure the confidentiality of services.

The customer information is stored in a closed database the access to which is limited even for the employees. The research results shall be transferred to the client personally or to his representative.

The artwork to be expertise (the original) is received from its owner or his representative (by proxy) and a contract order and a job completion report are made.

On receiving an art work for expertise, full description, measurements, primary photographic images, macro-and microphotography in the visible range, UV-rays and shooting in the infrared range are performed.








Время работы


 понедельник-четверг - с 10.00 до 18.00

пятница - с 10.00 до 17.00

суббота, воскресенье - выходной 


Рекомендуется предварительная запись.  



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