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Expert conclusion STANDART. is the optimal type of research of paintings, graphics and icons. The volume of the document starts from 10 pages. The research includes up to 15 samples studied with optical and physical-chemical methods.  

An expert conclusion STANDART includes:

Registration of the object (measurement, reading the signature, technique and support identification and other objective visual parameters).

Visual analysis and microscopic study of an object by dividing the surface in quadrants: a study of texture, features of brushstrokes, shape and type of craquelure in different areas with photographic images, description and preliminary conclusions based on the research findings. Photo-fixation — a general view, signature (ultra-close-up photography) and a reverse side.

UV-fluorescence analysis (UV) for detecting later restorations and allows uncover revealing information about the pigments an artist uses.

Near-infrared light analysis (NIR) for examine a painting’s underdrawing and any changes or pentimenti present in the work.

X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) that allows a quick and precise identification of the inorganic elements in the detectable paints.

Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) to establish the type of a binder and its age, organic dyes, varnishes, and the types of pigments that have not been identified during XRF. For FTIR spectroscopy the samples are drawn (up to10) from the areas that have been previously investigated by XRF analysis with the provision of the tables.


Cost — 6000 Hrn. Time of performance – at least 12 days.

The cost of issuing a duplicate is 300 Hrn. Time of performance – 2 days.

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