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Expert opinion. COMPLEX

Full scientific and technological research with a detailed description and report. The volume of the document starts from 100 pages, including the recorded spectra and tables.

An expert opinion includes:
Registration of an object (measurement, reading the signature, technique and support identification, etc.).
Complete visual analysis including microscopic study of an object by dividing the surface in quadrants: a study of texture, features of brushstrokes, shape and type of craquelure in different areas with photographic images, description and preliminary conclusions based on the research findings.
A detailed study of UV-luminescence - photo-fixation of the fluorescence of individual pigments, organic dyes and varnishes and their preliminary identification. Isolation of the areas that have been exposed to the restoration and re-writing in order to exclude them from the research process and / or to select them in a separate category.
Full IR reflectographic study with dividing the object into quadrants with photo-fixation  and detailed description of each area.
Complete XFA of all pigments (at least 30-40 samples depending on the size of the object of study) with printing out an enlarged photo, indexing and coordinates of sampling as well as the attachment of XFA spectra for each area with the complete identification and preliminary conclusions.
Full FTIR study of pigments, not detected by XFA, and their complex identification with printing out the enlarged photos with indexation and coordinates of sampling and the attachment of IR spectra of each sample with the complete identification and preliminary findings.

Cost – from 2240 Hrn.
Time of performance – at least 30 days

Art expertise can be carried out on the basis of scientific and technical research and provided upon receipt of any product on client’s request. The cost of services of the professional specialists who are involved in the process, shall be paid on the basis of a supplementary agreement with the client and in accordance with the volume of works.
The cost of issuing a duplicate is 160 Hrn.

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 понедельник-четверг - с 10.00 до 18.00

пятница - с 10.00 до 17.00

суббота, воскресенье - выходной 


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